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Dr. Tory C. Hill, Superintendent of Schools

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Student-Author: Be Something Great

#SweenyReads recently sat down with local student-author Byron Randon to discuss his book “Be Something Great”.

What started as a mom-assigned activity to pull her son away from his video games quickly turned into an inspired effort by Byron to make a positive difference through his own literature.

“I wasn’t always the best student. Now, I’m not how I used to be. I really wrote the book for younger kids to go down the right path. This story is about how my favorite sport helped me to be a better person on the field, at school, and in the community.”

Byron added, “It’s a little bit of a biography.”

He said his own inspirations came from his faith, parents, and coaches, including Coach Ashworth, Coach Lockler, and Coach Lynch. According to Byron, they “pushed me, and never let me give up.”

After being featured on KTRK ABC-13, he’s now shipping copies of “Be Something Great” across the country each week. One copy has even made its way to Thailand!

What’s next for this young author? Byron responded that it will be “a book about choosing the right friends.”

In addition, the young author encourages students to keep reading. “Books boost your knowledge. The more you read, the smarter you get. You expand your vocabulary. You can be inspired to be something great!”

Then, Byron generously donated twenty-five copies of his book to Sweeny Elementary School with the hope that his words will help inspire others at an early age to be something great.

Byron is definitely a firm believer in paying it forward!

You can purchase a copy of “Be Something Great” for your family at www.byronrandon.com.

Imagination Library Coming Soon

SWEENY, TEXAS - Future Bulldogs, ages zero through five, and their families living in the Sweeny Independent School District are about to begin receiving gifts each month beyond this Christmas season!

In an innovative effort to provide early literacy services to these children and their parents, Sweeny ISD is partnering with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and Scholastic’s Read and Rise program, which was made possible through a five-year funding commitment by the Sweeny ISD Education Foundation totaling $64,500.

The funding will allow families in SISD with children ages zero through five to begin receiving a new age-appropriate children’s book that is addressed to the child each month from the internationally-acclaimed Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. By the time an enrolled newborn turns five years old, the child will have a personal library of 60 books at no cost to the family.

In addition, Scholastic’s Read and Rise program will train community members to become “Reading Ambassadors” who will facilitate valuable early literacy sessions for parents of young children at churches, apartment complexes, homes, and daycare centers across the 177 square mile school district. This service will also be provided at no cost to the family.

Sweeny ISD Superintendent Dr. Tory C. Hill stated, “Brain research has proven that from birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life. We are extremely excited to offer a community-wide innovative reading model that will capitalize on the early learning years from birth through pre-kindergarten. This Sweeny ISD partnership with the Education Foundation will build a love for reading in our future Bulldogs!

“People think of public schools as Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten through 12th Grade. But, at Sweeny ISD, we are envisioning something bigger, something better. Instead of waiting until a child is four or five, we want to create a partnership with families the moment a child is born through graduation and beyond,” said Michael Heinroth, Director of Administrative and Innovative Services at Sweeny ISD.

Andrea Roquemore, an Instructional Coach at Sweeny Elementary School added, “With these two programs, imagine the excitement that can be created around books, and reading, and learning. Imagine the life-long impact that can have on a child.”

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